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Written by Jan Schulz   
Thursday, 13 September 2007 07:30

Code 10Saurian found in Zion National Park

www.Code10.info offers a developing variety of technical and computational topics from different scientific domains. The majority of these domains are linked to environmental, biological and life sciences. This includes algorithms, their implementation, general coding aspects, introduction of methods, as well as imaging and light management.

Source codes given on this site are for educational purposes and can be used for civil and non-profit applications, as long as they come along with a reference. In any other case please get in contact. Chapters dealing with specific algorithms are preliminary. They are published 'as is' and will undergo several changes. Codes, websites and documents have been carefully checked, but the author(s) and administrator(s) can not guarantee freedom from errors. Whenever you spot inaccuracies and flaws please get in contact. The operator will immediately try to improve the information.

Constructive criticism and helpful comments are always welcome. Whenever you spot a mistake or flaw, feel free to get in contact via the information found on the Imprint page.



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