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13 | 06 | 2024

Similarity, dissimilarity and distances among data records

Articles in this category deal with the problem to identify how alike two data records with n variables are. Such data records can be conceived as objects in a n-dimensional space. A general introduction can be found as well as a couple of documented algorithms for specific measurements. The algorithms introduce different metrics to calculate distances between such objects in the respective space. The functions return triangular matrices indicating the relationships among objects included in the analysis.

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1 Minkowski distance Jan Schulz 47008
2 Jaccard similarity Jan Schulz 112203
3 Hamming distance Jan Schulz 27525
4 Introduction to data similarity Jan Schulz 27001
5 Canberra distance Jan Schulz 80695
6 Bray-Curtis dissimilarity Jan Schulz 92852
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